Post-holiday forecast: the national tinplate market may run weakly

1. Import:

From the perspective of importing countries, major importing countries are still affected by the epidemic, and steel production is subject to certain restrictions. From the perspective of market competition, the tin plating capacity in my country's market is relatively large, and the overall import price is relatively high, so there is a certain decline compared to previous years.

2. Export:

Basically, most countries abroad have been well controlled in August, production lines have basically resumed production, and the demand for tinplate imports has further reduced, so the export volume has decreased.

3. Post-holiday forecast for the tinplate market

On the whole, the overall tinplate market is currently bearish. On the one hand, although the current futures prices issued by steel mills are relatively high, and hot-rolled substrates are still in a state of high shocks, the overall price has fallen sharply since September, and the cost of raw materials is gradually falling. On the other hand, the purchase cost of downstream tanks is still high, and the increase in order costs has caused some downstream companies to make more frequent market inquiries. Most steel mill orders have declined slightly, and some private tinplate manufacturers have successively reduced their tinplate orders at the end of September. price. Therefore, under the reverse drive of demand, the price reduction of major steel mills may become a new round of adjustment trend.

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