Tinplate price is stable, short-term steel price fluctuations are expected to be small

On September 24, the price of tin, a raw material for tinplate, was reduced by 3000. Hot-rolled substrate Lecong market is lowered by 10 yuan/ton, Shanghai market prices are temporarily stable, and Tianjin market prices are lowered by 10 yuan/ton. The overall tinplate spot market price is temporarily stable, and overall shipments are average.

Ferrosilicon manufacturers maintain order production, spot resources are tight, and the delivery speed of the delivery warehouse is accelerating. However, the short-term market resource shortage still exists, and the supply of raw silica is tight. It is expected that the ferrosilicon market will be stable and strong in the near future.

The decline in steel prices slowed down. The inventory of key steel companies increased by 135,900 tons or 1.02% compared with the previous ten-day period. Demand fell short of expectations, and inventory pressure became prominent. Some steel plants in Shanxi, Shandong and other places raised the purchase price of coke by RMB 50/ton. The relatively strong trend of raw materials still supports steel prices. The market mostly purchases on-demand, and merchants mainly ship. It is expected that the short-term steel price will stabilize and fluctuate within 30.

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