Research on the outlook of tinplate traders and steel mills

Trader A: As one of the largest tinplate traders in Central China, the main tinplate resources they operate are WISCO. The current order situation is average. For the outlook, the trader believes that the price of iron ore and other raw materials in the early stage is relatively high. In terms of the operating speed of the industry, the high price of iron ore will continue for a long time after the holiday. Therefore, the price of tinplate will remain at a high level after the holiday, and it is unlikely to fall.

Steel Plant A: This steel plant is one of the private tinplate steel plants in my country. At present, the market is receiving orders. The orders have basically been scheduled to December, and downstream customers are relatively stable. Regarding the market outlook, the steel mill believes that under the current situation that the hot-rolled electronic board is going down all the way, customers have a strong wait-and-see mood for the market outlook, and the orders received by major steel mills are different, so the tinplate market prices after the holiday are all major steel mills Prices will be adjusted based on their respective orders and raw material production costs. According to the downstream supply and demand situation, the price reduction of most steel mills after the holiday is more obvious.

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