March tinplate market or high consolidation

From the current point of view, in terms of production, steel mills are in good condition after the first two months of the year, and the orders of major steel mills are basically full. Therefore, in March, the steel mills will schedule production or "full firepower", and the supply of tinplate is not a big problem. , compared to February is expected to increase. In terms of prices, Baosteel Co., Ltd. took the lead in raising the guide price of tinplate futures in April by 200 yuan/ton at the end of the month, leading to mobilize the positive sentiment in the market. No wait, the steel mills stand up for the price, the market price is bound to follow suit, and the spot price has a strong motivation to rise. In terms of the market, the tinplate trading method is mainly based on futures price locking. Mainstream steel mills have already received orders from April to May in March. The second quarter is the off-season when major terminal categories are in short supply. Therefore, the recent operation of the circulation side has begun to reduce There is a high demand for placing orders, reducing inventory, and maintaining a reasonable inventory level.

In addition, looking at the first year after the epidemic was fully released, the signs of overall domestic economic recovery are still unclear. Although the real estate industry, which is closely connected with chemical tanks, has recently issued support policies frequently, the actual measures have not yet been implemented, and the final effect has yet to be tested. It is understood that most engineering projects are still in a state of tight funding. The increase in demand for tinplate is limited, and the market's order intake may drop in March.

Looking forward to March, the price of tinplate steel will follow the arrival of the traditional peak season of "Golden Three Silver Four" for general materials, and the positive sentiment brought about by the holding of important meetings. , and the actual demand is relatively average due to the off-season of variety procurement, and the market may appear to be priced but not available for a period of time, so the market will consolidate at a high level.

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