Shandong Sino Steel Co.,Ltd offered her love to front-line workers,come on,arrange it!

On August 25, 2018, a group of young people with red hats and small vests from Shandong Sino Steel Co.,Ltd, opened a warm heart of micro-public welfare trip.


There are different professions in the current society:Some people may have a comfortable job and a good office environment and it’s not hard at all.But there are often some people in society who have been fighting in the most difficult positions.


Like a courier on the road, a takeaway or a sanitation worker and a migrant worker who clean the city in the hot and cold weather.


Even when they are tired, they don’t have a comfortable place to rest.

Even when they are in the car or the subway,they are afraid to stain the stool and choose to sit on the ground...


It’s time to start...


Apple,orange,watermelon,fan,water,dear front-line workers,what else do you need?

As a part of the youth in Shandong Sino Steel Co.,Ltd,we will always send a positive energy to the people around the society...

During the event, we also interviewed front-line workers,When asked what makes them happy in such a tough environment,Some people said, "Life, I have no reason to work hard for life.Please think back,each of us is working hard to live.


As the saying goes,people could perform well in any field.There are no high or low positions in the position.Do it,love it.Doing good work in your own position,that is also the kind of strength that can be seen! Deserve our respect!

As a front-line worker who has seen such efforts, as a younger generation, we have no reason to work hard!

Haha, the first-line workers, you are handsome, it’s also a bright spot...

The young people in Shandong Sino Steel Co.,Ltd, we belong to the younger generation,it's time to fight for tomorrow. Let's cheer for the future together!

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