Anticipated outward bound indescribable unforgettable achievements .

In September,  a beautiful fruitful season, the long awaited outward bound was embraced by the department of foreign trade in Qingdao Sino steel Co.Ltd,. Although we only experienced for one and half a day , we still took active parts in it ,  at the mean time presented themselves as well as the different team as much as possible . During the brief  period of time ,each member has their own various stories .

On the early morning of 3rd ,we set off with sportswear printed our company logo,which became an unique scenery.On the way to the destination ,we were all so excited to make fun ,the songs ,the talent show ,especially the newcomers .As time went by ,we found ourselves arriving at the base site in Yangkou ,Laoshan District .And then the intense training began .We have all prepared comprehensively for the coming challenges in advance .

In the training process, it was full of hardships and happiness , but we were still try our best to complete missions  whether it was an individual  or team action.That  echoed the target “Build an individual like eagle, and team like wild goose ”  .Some twisted their ankles ,some had strong fear of heights ,but they all overcame the difficulties and insisted on to the end  .Because they clearly knew the fact that they were a tight family and his friends were waiting for him,rooting for him . We never complained  because we are the young generation full of great passion and energy , like a line in Country Love---- We are young, we are perfectly straight.It affected us deeply to complete the assignment in the training and everything about our job .

Although time flew away quickly ,it seems endless to all of colleagues on account of learning something more sufficient .We got fresh understanding that they had no sense in their jobs.Thanks to the training ,various barriers were broken one after another with the effort of everyone.In addition ,we enhanced our understanding and communication ,which would be beneficial to establish team spirit and collective consciousness .However every coin has two sides .The activity exposed several negative aspects . For example ,when I blindly ignored the certain task or plan,I moved by myself .That made it more complicated to accomplish the job in limited time .Each item in the training taught us a lesson that we are ought to be aware of details and flexibility in daily work as precious spiritual wealth .

Life is tortuous and long, an outward bound could not solve all the problems .It requires us to work hard in the future.What`s more ,it has given us a warning that we should be more united and  strong! I trust that the company will be proud of a united group in the near future !

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