Tinplate Application

Tinplate is widely used in food cans, beverage cans, 18-liter cans, art cans, spray cans, various bottle caps, household electrical appliances, electrical material parts, oil filters, wire sheath materials, etc.

1. Canned food: tea packaging, coffee packaging, health care product packaging, candy packaging, cigarette packaging, gift packaging and other food packaging containers are the first choice. Italy, Switzerland, Peru, Spain.

2. Beverage can: It can be used to fill juice, coffee, tea and sports drinks, as well as cola, soda, beer and other drinks.

3. Oil tank: Light will trigger and accelerate the oxidation reaction of oil, reduce the nutritional value, and may also produce harmful substances. More seriously, it destroys oily vitamins, especially vitamin D and vitamin A. The oxygen in the air promotes the oxidation of food oils, reduces protein biomass, and destroys vitamins. The opacity of tinplate and the insulating effect of sealing air are the best choice for packaging oily food. Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates.

4. Chemical tank: tinplate material is firm, good in protection, non-deformation, shock-resistant and fire-resistant. It is the best packaging material for chemicals. Iran, Oman, United Arab Emirates.

5. Spray cans: tinplate cans that can withstand high temperature and high pressure, especially suitable for high-pressure filling spray cans. Thailand, Ecuador, Egypt, Mexico.

6. Dry and miscellaneous cans: The cans are varied in shape and beautifully printed biscuit buckets, stationery boxes and milk powder cans are all tinplate products. Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines.

Italy, Switzerland, Peru, Spain, Turkey, Iran, Oman, UAE, Thailand, Ecuador, Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines.



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