In respect of quality improvement

In respect of quality improvement, the Cold-rolled Sheet Plant seized the key indices and key defects, set out from the integral quality control of total process and sought new breakthrough. Since the beginning of last year, the Cold-rolled Sheet Plant has strengthened the quality planning type management, sorted out key topics for project initialization, set up the project team with the coordination by many departments. So far, the indices such as the scrapping and downgrading ratio of DR materials, the one shot ratio of contract have registered remarkable improvement, among which, the one shot ratio of contract has improved by 10.7% compared with last year. Meanwhile, the defect management mechanism with customer as the center has been set up. Centering around key products, major defects and the special demands of special customers, technology innovation and mass innovation are actively promoted, the initiatives of all the staff are called on to pay attention to quality and quality improvements. For example, in view of the difficult defects such as cutting watermark, the equipment and process personnels are organized for joint brainstorming, and the unscheduled downtime of equipment is reduced. Centering on the customer's new demands brought about by production technology improvements, the quality control means are further refined, to satisfy the customer's demand as much as possible.
The 2013 Qingdao Sino Steel Co.,Ltd will adhere to grasp market trends, understand the enterprise development environment, taking the benefit as the goal, to stable and sustainable development as the premise, unified thought, change idea, stand on solid ground, to work hard and be practical work style, full completion of the objectives and tasks in 2013 Corporation " NPC and CPPCC " determined; based on the present, focus on the long term, to forge enterprising, innovative spirit, to further consolidate the " four bases " ideological and cultural foundation, system innovation foundation, economic technology base, talent base , the whole idea of work and create a new situation in SGCG sustainable development.

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